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New Langham Partnership Website Launched

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We are delighted to announce that our new website is now online. With a fresh look and simple navigation, you can now find out more about Langham’s global work on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Please visit uk.langham.org – we would really appreciate your feedback.

Langham Partnership - new website
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Langham Partnership publishes a monthly Prayer Guide that lists specific points for prayer for each day of the month. We would greatly appreciate it if you would subscribe via our UK and Ireland website to have it delivered directly to your inbox. Thank you.

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Momentous ‘Magnify’ campaign launched at founder John Stott’s All Souls Church 

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Langham’s Magnify campaign, which is aiming to raise support to double the impact of its global ministries, was launched at the iconic All Souls Church, London, on 22 April.  

Over 50 people from various denominations and backgrounds gathered at Langham Partnership’s birthplace for an informative, encouraging and inspirational event.  

Attendees were moved and challenged hearing about the huge needs of believers around the world who lack resources to grow to maturity in Christ – a gap that Langham currently fills and wants to do more!

Speakers included Chris Wright, Ministries Director & Global Ambassador; Tayo Arikawe, International Director; John Libby, LPUKI’s National Director and Peter Penner, General Editor of the recently launch Central Eastern European Bible Commentary (CEEBC).

Why Langham is desperately needed

The event began with a time of sung worship, prayer and Bible reading led by Langham International staff member Cindy Crossley. Chris Wright then expounded Psalm 34, focusing on the faith expressed by Amos, Abraham and Habakkuk. 

Tayo Arikawe shared why Langham’s ministries (LiteraturePreaching and Scholars) are so desperately needed; and a highlight for many was an interview with Peter Penner, who works tirelessly to amplify the voices of Central/Eastern European and Central Asian believers through Christian literature. 

He explained that the CEEBC brought together writers from 20 different countries that do not often work together in this unique and vital project. Peter was so thankful for those who support Langham and his hope is that local writing, preaching and interpretation of scripture in these areas of the world will increase more and more.

Churches blossom during Ukraine war

He shared inspirational stories of churches in Ukraine that are blossoming and overflowing as people wrestle with the reality of war and search for God at this time. 

Believers in Central/Eastern Europe and Central Asia are standing strong in the face of great difficulties, while helping, sharing and reaching out to others. 

Throughout the event, videos displaying the impact of the Langham programmes in the Majority World were shown and appreciated.

Be blessed as you bless the Majority World

Simon Foulds, Langham UKI’s Supporter Development Manager,ended the event with an appeal for support of the Magnify campaign. 

Our prayer is that more UKI Christians get on board and that we are blessed as we bless others through Langham. 

To find out more about the Magnify campaign and to support it financially, visit the Magnify website.

Attend a Magnify Roadshow event!

Langham is holding Magnify Roadshow events across the country in the coming months, including in Manchester, Dumfries & Galloway, Sheffield, Cambridge and Exeter.

We would love to see you there. Visit the Magnify website for more information.


“Thank you and the team for a wonderful event. We were both inspired and encouraged by the event… and will certainly be looking at increasing our financial support for the Langham Partnership.”
Supporters in West London

“I was struck by the statistic that one Langham scholar completing a PhD was likely to have an impact on nearly 10,000 other people. What an exciting prospect! 

“Praise God the whispers heard at All Souls… will reverberate around the UK and the world.”
John Woods, Langham author who attended the launch event.

John Libby and Tayo Arikawe.
LPUKI’s National Director John Libby (left) with Tayo Arikawe (International Director) who shared why Langham is desperately needed.
Attendees at All Souls
Over 50 people were encouraged and inspired at the Magnify launch event at All Souls Church in April.
Chris Wright and Peter Penner.
Chris Wright (left) interviewing Peter Penner (right) about the CEEBC and the Church in Ukraine.
All Souls Langham Place
All Souls, Langham Place, is the birthplace of what became Langham Partnership, as its founder John Stott was the rector there for many years.
May 2023 Prayer Guide

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Download the prayer guide as a PDF

 1 – 6 May: Literature

Dr Hani Hanna
1 May: Praise God that the new Director for Langham Literature, Langham Scholar Dr Hani Hanna (left), is due to start the role in July. Please pray that he will settle quickly.

2 May: Langham Literature’s Library Grant season concludes next month. Pray that the thousands of books sent to Majority World colleges will inspire and deepen knowledge.

3 May: Pray for three new Langham Literature staff who started their roles recently: Nyambura Kamau (Partner Relations in Africa); Sophia Soloviy (Communications & PR) and Hanna Palliser (Administrator).
Portuguese African Public Theology4 May: Give thanks for the global virtual launch last month of Langham book ‘Can a Christian be Cursed?’ by Godwin O. Adeboye. Please pray that this will be a vital resource for believers as it gives an African evangelical response to a pressing issue.

5 May: Pray that the recently released Portuguese translation of ‘African Public Theology’ will challenge readers to apply biblical principles to their own communities, workplaces and spheres.

6 May: Pray for King Charles III and his family on the occasion of his coronation.
7 – 13 May: Preaching

14 – 20 May: Scholars


21 May: Pray that many new supporters will catch the vision of Langham through this year’s Magnify campaign. 

22 May: Today is a ‘Magnify’ roadshow event in Manchester. Pray for an encouraging time.

23 May: Praise God for opportunities Langham has had to publicise ‘Magnify’ in the media.

24 May: Please pray that through the ‘Magnify’ campaign, ambitious goals set for each of the programmes would be reached, and even exceeded!
Magnify Website
25 May: Pray that many people would attend and be encouraged by our Langham Live calls on zoom today and tomorrow.

26 May: Pray for a ‘Magnify’ roadshow event taking place tonight in Dumfries.

27 May: Please pray for future ‘Magnify’ roadshow events across the country in the coming months. Pray that many will attend who want to start supporting Langham. 
Magnify Roadshow Dumfries
28 – 31 May: General

We’re on the PrayerMate App!

These prayer points are also available on the PrayerMate App. It’s free to download from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iPhone). Simply subscribe to LPUKI’s feed under the ‘World Mission & Bible Translation’ section.
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Magnify Launch Event – All Souls, 22nd April 2023

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Join with us at All Souls, Langham Place, for the launch of Magnify – Langham’s vision of growth to magnify the Lord.

This is your invitation to be part of what is happening around the globe and to be blessed as you bless others.

Our speakers include Rev Tayo Arikawe (International Director) and Rev Chris Wright (Global Ambassador and Ministries Director

Lunch will be provided with time to chat. For more information, please email jose.laussu@langham.org

Upcoming Events

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As part of the Magnify growth campaign, Langham Partnership will be hosting a series of events and conferences throughout the year.

Please visit and bookmark our events page to view upcoming gatherings in your area. You can search using a postcode in the interactive map and view an online calendar to mark these special occasions.

Magnify.org.uk Website Is Now Live

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Langham Partnership UK & Ireland (LPUKI) has launched the new Magnify.org.uk website.

The site aims to promote the Magnify campaign by sharing the vision of doubling Langham’s impact in our three programmes. Discover how you can join with us in seeking transformation within the global church and see its members grow in Christlike maturity.

Please bookmark the events page to learn about upcoming events including roadshows and special speaking engagements.