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National Director John Libby

Although the nights can seem somewhat darker at this time of year let us be warmed by the thought that they are on the turn!

2023 saw the retirement of our dear friend and colleague Liz Wright yet other members of our team have stepped up to shoulder her many responsibilities. Let us thank the Lord for always supplying our needs at just the right time...if only we ask Him! 

Please remember the global Langham family at the beginning of a new year, especially those in new positions of responsibility. Pray for our International Director Riad Kassis as he juggles his roles of Director of Langham Scholars and LPI.

We ask you to continue to pray using the points below. You can download a printer-friendly version here.

Thank you again for you unwaivering support as 'prayer warriors' for Langham during 2024. 
May God bless your prayers and supplications and happy New Year!

In Christ,
John Libby
National Director, Langham Partnership UK and Ireland

1 - 7 January: Literature

Yacouba Sanon
1 January: Please pray for the Regional Commissioning Editors Liz Mburu, Yacouba Sanon (pictured), Rico Villanueva and Roman Soloviy that they will find authors to meet the needs of their regions.

2 January: Ask God to bless indigenous evangelical publishers and for their discernment in understanding local cultures.

3-4 January: Praise the Lord for Dieudonne Komla Nuekpe's new book Lived Islam in Africa and Its Missiological Implications for Pentecostals.
Maggie Low
Ask God to make it an efficacious method for evangelism among Ghanaian Muslims and other Muslims worldwide.

January: Please pray that Rev. Dr. Maggie Low (pictured) will help to uplift those struggling to forgive through her book God, I'm Angry!

6 January: Continue to pray for the global Langham Publishing team who published over 40 books in 2023 in English, French, and Spanish.

7 January: Elkanah Cheboi has recently released a new book Crucified and Cursed Christ. Pray that God will use it effectively within the Marakwet culture.

8 - 14 January: Preaching

January: Please ask God to bless Jennifer Cuthbertson (pictured), Coordinator for Facilitator Development, based in Parksville, British Columbia, in Canada.

January: Pray for our Preaching Movement Coordinators in 89 countries. Ask God to bless their work and the Movement members they serve.

10-11 January: Thank the Lord for a recent Level One seminar in Liberia where people from six ushirikas participated.

Pray for those who attended including the facilitators Matthew Gonkerwon, Jeremiah Zweh, Michael Clement and Samuel Moses.
Jennifer Cuthbertson

January: Last week, Level One & Two seminars took place in St Augustine, Trinidad. These were the first fully in-person seminars since the lockdown. Ask God to bless the participants.

13 January: Please pray for Victor Obeng (pictured) who is the country coordinator for Langham Preaching in Ghana.

14 January: Level 1 & 2 seminars are set to take place in Bilbao, Spain for 75 particpants on 20th January. Please pray for the students and facilitators at those events.
Victor Obeng

15 - 21 January: Scholars

Dinorah B. Méndez15 January: Ask God to bless all Scholars as they begin a new term in their studies.

16 January: Dinorah B. Méndez (pictured) is a Langham Scholar who is working and ministering in her home country of Mexico. Please pray for her and her role of director of Byblos Institute in Durango, a centre of strategic biblical training for lay leaders.

17 January: Pray for Crystal* from East Asia, a Langham Scholar who studies through Sydney University and considers where she will serve when she finishes her PhD in 2024.

18 January: Thank the Lord for Emad Botros (pictured) who has joined the Langham Scholars team. Emad lives in Lebanon and will take over the care of scholars in the MENA region.
Emad Botros19 January: Pray for the international Scholar’s selection committee as they work through applications. There are always more applications than Langham can fund, so pray for wisdom as they decide who receives scholarships.

January: Ask God to help Yi Sang Patrick Chan who is studying at The University of Aberdeen and living in Hong Kong to raise support for his family.

January: Praise God that Andy Kuo completed his dissertation and pray for a smooth reception by the external examiners.
22 - 27 January: Langham UK & Ireland
22 January: Praise God for Karen Calder (pictured) who is part of the finance team based in the Langham Service Centre. Pray for her husband Mark and her children.

23 January: Ask God to give wisdom and direction to the LPUKI marketing team as they consider plans for 2024.

24 January: Remember LPUKI's Linda Wright as she takes on the duties of Liz Wright who retired at the end of 2023.

25 & 26 
January: Please pray for the Langham Live events this evening and tomorrow morning and for our special guest, Langham Scholar Sara Améstegui Deik.

27 January: Pray for two seminars in Ireland on 16/17th February hosted by Chris Wright called God’s Whole Mission for God’s Whole Church.
Karen Calder
28 - 31 January: International
Australia Podcast
28 January: Out Of the Margins (pictured) is a new podcast by Langham Australia that offers insights of the experiences and perspectives of Christians from the Majority world. Pray for its success and for its creators 'Young Langham'.

29 January: Please remember Helen Hamilton in your prayers as she carries out her role as Chief Finance Officer for Langham Partnership.

30 January: Let us pray for the conflict in Gaza that God would heal deep wounds there.

31 January: Please ask the Lord to bless John Corban, International Finance Officer for Langham, who is based in Auckland, New Zealand.
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